W Is For We3

It’s been described as a mecha-suited Watership Down or The Incredible Journey on acid. But Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s We3 is a beast of a very different colour. It has its flaws, but the book is also a bold and brilliant example of proper comics storytelling.

Join Rob and Clive as they take a walk on the wild side…


A Is For Alternative 3

There is a history under the history you think you know. A history where the space race never ended. Where Mars was explored back in the early 60s. Where the elite are preparing to evacuate a world dying in the face of catastrophic climate change.

Join Rob, Clive and Curiosity as they explore the secret conspiracy known only by the codename Alternative 3…

Those of you with appropriate secure clearance codes (level A323 and above) have access to the full briefing.

D Is For The Dark Crystal

Rob loves the beauty and artistry of Jim Henson’s fantasy epic The Dark Crystal. Clive thinks it’s staid and a little bit boring. Who’s right? can they both have a point? That’s not going to help Curiosity make up its mind, is it?
Join the crew as they pick apart the film most people call “that one that doesn’t have David Bowie and his bulging tights in it.”



Here’s a clip, to give you an idea of the flavour of the piece…