A Is For The Avengers: The Fiennes/Thurman Version

Ok, it’s just not funny any more. Yet more Avengers. This time the… let’s say below par adaptation of the classic 60s movie, starring two miscast main leads in Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman and Sean Connery in a role that contributed to his decision to retire from the world of films.

Hoo boy. You can almost feel the air of underwhelmage in this one.

Here’s the trailer. Looks like fun, eh? Don’t be fooled!


A Is For The Avengers: The TV SERIES

No, we’re not done yet.

Rob and Clive explore the slick, surreal and sexy world of The Avengers: the John Steed version, that is. Rob gets hot under the collar about a certain leather outfit, and Clive forgets who’s wearing the kinky boots.

Bowlers and brollies at the ready, Listeners!

Let’s have a flavour of the classic series, shall we?

The A To Z Of SFF respectfully dedicate this episode to the memory of Brian Clemens, whose creative stamp was all over The Avengers and so much great British genre TV.