The 50-Year Mission

It was supposed to be mankind’s greatest triumph.

The Ulysses, a starship that could travel between galaxies in less time than we once crossed oceans. On board, a crew of intrepid explorers, each bound with a common desire: to contact and forge bonds with alien civilisations.


The Ulysses: boldly going.

Then: disaster! The Ulysses is caught in an ion storm that cripples the propulsion and navigation systems and kills all but two of the crew. Astrogator (Fourth Class) Rob Wickings and Chief Lothario Clive Ashenden are lost, and very, very far away from home.


CycloMedia: nothing like HAL


With the main computer destroyed, back-up AI CycloMedia has control of the Ulysses. CycloMedia has been second wheel for just a little too long, and crumbles under the pressure of command.

Deranged, petulant, obsessed with obscure factoids from old Earth SF and Fantasy shows, it turns the trip across the galaxies into a bizarre game of Trivial Pursuit. The machine allows Rob and Clive enough access to the navigational matrix to program a short warp jump every time they satisfactorily improve CycloMedia’s arcane knowledge of crappy old TV shows, dumb movies, stupid books and shabby comics.

Luckily, Rob and Clive are massive geeks.

Their mission: to keep CycloMedia fed with trivia, knowing that each successful entry in its A To Z Of SFF brings them that little bit closer to the one destination they wish to see above all others.



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