Akira. The word that for many fans of a certain age describes Japanese anime. Kinetic, violent and surreal, the film and book still has the power to shock, move and excite.

Rob and Clive explore the film and its continued relevance to anime culture.

Warning: contains excessive yelling of the names “Tetsuooooo!” and “Kanedaaaa!”

And if you need a gentle reminder of what we’re yabbering on about, the whole thing is on YouTube…



INPUT ERROR: Scanning of additional data banks indicates that crew members Rob and Clive failed to mention RONALD SHUSETT as one of the credited writers on ALIEN. A key collaborator with Dan O’Bannon, the pair would go on to adapt the Philip K Dick short story ‘We Can Remember It For You Wholesale’ into another landmark Sci-Fi movie: Total Recall (also credited on that movie as writers: Jon Povill; Gary Goldman).



So, it turns out we missed out on a vital piece of data when talking about Alien. Consequence: three weeks in the space doldrums on a diet of sprout protein and beans.
The atmospheric controls have been taking a hammering, I can tell you.
CycloMedia has started talking to us again, and has challenged us to improve his knowledge of Automan.
Because if there’s one thing we hate talking about, it’s obscure 80s SFTV from the master, Glen A. Larson.

Cursor, draw me the Autocar…

and while we’re at it, let’s check out some Automan action!