A Is For Aliens



What can you say about James Cameron’s classic reinvention of the Alien mythos that hasn’t already been said?

Well, nothing, really, but Rob and Clive will give it the ol’ college try. Ripley as Final Girl? The themes of motherhood? Sure, why not, we’ll give it a go.

It’s not Game Over quite yet…



A Is For Aldiss


The Grandmaster of Science Fiction. Not just prolific but absurdly talented, Brian Aldiss is a Great British Author in every sense of the word. Rob and Clive celebrate the man and his work: not just as writer, but editor, artist and advocate for SF in all its forms.

If his work is good enough for Kubrick and Spielberg, it’s good enough for us!

Here’s a look at the film version of his deeply odd conjoined-twin punk opera, Brothers Of The Head. A strange and very English piece of work.